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About Premium Website Business Listings

Premium Listing Benefits:

  • Our visitors can click through to your website from our map.
  • Your own Business Listing page on our website!
  • Your Business Listing page contains links to your website, Facebook page and Twitter page.
  • The outgoing links from our website to yours give your site an SEO boost on Google and other search engines!
  • Your listing page can contain photos of your business and a promotional description that you supply.
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Recommendations –

  1. An attractive exterior photo of your building, with sign if possible
  2. Well-lit Interior photo expressing the ambiance of your business -OR-
    photo of owner or staff (if this is a service business)
  3. Close-up photo of featured products or product display case
  4. Additional products or photo including owner or staff
  • Landscape format photos preferred

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Describe your business for potential customers. Don't be bashful; really sell it! (Third person recommended.)

Search Engine Optimization (for Premium listings only) (strongly recommended)

This information will help search engines find your business listing, and give YOUR website an SEO boost in search rankings. Help us help your Google ranking!

SEO Description (strongly recommended)
Descriptive sentences or sentence-fragments (not just lists of words!), full of the keywords your customers might use to search for businesses like yours online. This will not be displayed on your page, but it will help your page come up higher in a web search. Important: Include location terms like your town, county, or "Hudson Valley." Maximum 154 characters.

Example (for a pet supply business):
Dog food, organic and natural dog food. Leashes, collars, and training supplies in New Paltz NY. Cat food and small animal supplies in the Hudson Valley.

Contact Information

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